3rd Grade Campus Re-opening - Important: Please read!

Elementary principals and staff are finalizing our return to school plans. As discussed this summer, when we return to campus we will have a split day with a morning cohort and an afternoon cohort of live instruction on campus. The cohort schedules can be found at LVUSDUpdates.org.

As we prepare for this schedule, anecdotal data suggests there will be a general family preference for the AM cohort. We see many benefits to both morning and afternoon but want to start our cohorting process by asking if families prefer the afternoon or if they have no preference. If your family is interested in requesting the afternoon cohort or, if you have no preference, please complete the following survey by Monday, November 16 at 5pm. While there is no guarantee that we will be able accommodate your preference, this information will be helpful as we create balanced AM/PM cohorts.

By the end of the week of the 16th we will be using a randomized lottery process to sort the remaining students into morning and afternoon cohorts. We will communicate student schedules to families as early as possible.

This site uses Aeries, LVUSD's student information system, to match students names to parent email addresses, however it is not Aeries, so every family must create an account here first before making their selections.

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Learn more about campus re-opening plans for LVUSD at https://lvusdupdates.org