Secondary Campus Re-opening - Important: Please read!

As Dr. Stepenosky shared, we are excited to be planning to bring secondary students back to campuses. Case rates have been steadily declining, and it appears that Los Angeles county will soon reach the red tier which allows for the return of secondary students to limited in-person instruction. As of this writing, we anticipate that our County will fall into the Red Tier on March 17. In conjunction, we are excited to begin resuming in-person instruction for our secondary students on Monday, March 22.

Our hybrid scheduling model entails dividing the entire school population into groups that would attend class in-person on a rotating basis in the mornings. Virtual instruction, for those who do not attend in person, whether by choice, or by virtue of the rotating in-person schedule, would occur in the afternoons. While students’ daily routines will change, their classes and teachers will not change.

As we finalize this model for returning secondary students, we need further information from you. In order to optimize partial day cohorts, we need to know, for each secondary school student in your household, if you intend to have them return to campus for in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year.

Please let us know your preference by 5pm on March 7th.

This site uses Aeries, LVUSD's student information system, to match students names to parent email addresses, however it is not Aeries, so every family must create an account here first before making their selections.

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