Forward Learning

Next Generation Learning Initiative

Laptop Use and Care

Through the Forward Learning program, students and teachers have a wonderful opportunity to use technology continually in the classroom with individual laptops for students and the teacher. However, if these laptops are not properly cared for, they will get broken and we will lose access to them. As such, we expect all students and teachers to abide by the following guidelines/requirements for their use and care.

  • Students should NEVER touch the screen on their laptop. They may not look like they are made of glass, but they are and are breakable with too much pressure. We have witnessed several students attempting to "clean" their screens, with one having actually broken it.
  • Do not press hard on the outside of the screen (for example, when trying to clean off finger prints). Pressing too hard can also break the glass.
  • Do not carry charger, mouse, or anything lumpy in the case pocket - pressure on objects may cause screen damage to the laptop.
  • Laptops should NEVER be out when liquids are present. Liquids should not be used by students directly or indirectly (ie damp cloth, etc.) to clean them.
  • When laptops are not being used, they should be closed. They are much more durable when they are closed and are far less likely to get knocked off a desk or other surface.
  • Don't set the laptops anywhere but on a desk, table, or counter. They will get broken if left on seats, on the floor, etc.
  • Be aware of yours and your laptop's surroundings. Don't place them near the edge of a desk or table, or in a cluttered space. You are far more likely to accidentally push a laptop off of a desk or table with lots of books, supplies, pencil cases, bags, and other items on it. If there are a lot of people moving about the classroom, close your laptop, if you can, or at least move it to the center of your desk/table to prevent someone else from knocking it down.
  • Do not place anything on top of or underneath a laptop. Pressure from items on top can lead to broken screens and items underneath the laptop will dramatically increase the likelihood of a fall. Anything on top of the device will obscure it from view (or damage it if the object is heavy) and out of sight = out of mind.
  • When moving a laptop from one location to another, always close it first. An open laptop is difficult to handle safely and is easily dropped/broken.
  • During lunch or other breaks, only use laptops in areas designated for technology use by your school. Please see your teacher or school principal for a list of approved locations.

For Laptops Checked Out from School

  • School laptops must be stored/carried in the case provided. No personal cases will be allowed.
  • Do not personalize a school laptop with stickers, markers, paint/glitter pens, etc. School laptops are expected to be returned in the same condition they were checked-out in.

If we all work together to take care of our laptops, they will certainly give us many years of service.

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